My unit behaves erratically with sometimes no sound

This answer applies to:

  • R2 Mk3
  • R3 Mk1
  • R5 Mk1
  • R7 Mk3

From our experience the cause of this is a weak or unstable wi-fi connection. Also if you are a customer who does not want to use any of the wi-fi sources, then it is important that you disable the wi-fi on your unit and related features or else your unit will randomly seek a signal (even if one is not there) and this causes instability of the system. Either way, if you reset your unit following the steps below, then you should find that all non-connected sources such as CD should work without interruption. For customer who require wi-fi features, this diagnosis will confirm that your home network needs attention. Details on getting the best out of your home network are shown here on our Q&A’s.

To disable wi-fi on your unit and related features, please follow the following instructions.

Firstly run a factory reset by pressing the menu button and then turn the control knob to scroll to System. Press to select and then scroll to Factory reset. Again press to select and then select YES. This will erase all settings and initiate a reboot.

At this point you may need to press the standby button on the RotoDial to reactivate the system, but once the system has rebooted you are now ready to setup your system with wi-fi disabled as described below. As this procedure is for diagnostic purposes, we are only performing a basic setup.

1/ Select your language

2/ Accept privacy policy

3/ Pair remote – This only applies to R5 and R7, but in this instance, select No

4/ Run set up wizard – Select No

5/ Run again at next start up – Select No

6/ Your unit should now display a list of sources. For Countries with DAB transmissions please select DAB and all others FM. Once active, select a station of your choice

7/ Depending on your station choice, next set your unit so the time is auto updated from either DAB or FM. To do this press the Menu button and then turn the control knob to scroll to System and then press to select. Scroll to Date and Time and again press to select and then scroll to Auto update. Press to select and then select either DAB or FM as the method to auto-set your time. Once set, press the Menu button twice to exit this menu and revert to the main now playing screen

8/ Next again press the Menu and scroll to System and then select Network and then Keep Connected. From here select No as your option and then press the Menu button twice to leave and return to the main screen

If you’ve followed the instructions correctly, you have now disabled the wi-fi function on your unit. In this state you will only be able to use local sources and Bluetooth, but if your unit now works without interruption then as suggested you need to make improvements/updates to your home network.

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