My R4i will not play my music files through the CD or USB

This answer applies to:

  • R4i Mk2

From experience, we have found that the most common cause is customers who use iTunes as their digital music manager. By default, iTunes saves and stores music as AAC files but this file format is not supported by many CD or USB playback systems. To guarantee compatibility with R4i, we recommend that the ‘Import Settings’ in iTunes should be changed to MP3 Encoder with a sampling rate of 160kbps or above for good quality sound reproduction. Depending on whether you’re a PC or Mac user, import settings are accessed through (iTunes/Edit)/Preferences/General/Import settings. These same settings should also be applied for Windows Media Player and other music import programmes.

Secondly, it is important to ensure that only compatible music files are stored on your memory stick or CD-R. Unrecognised files are likely to cause interruptions or cause R4i not to read the downloaded data. We also advise that memory sticks of 4, 8 or 16GB capacity are best. Larger capacity sticks can be used, but are not recommended, as with such a large capacity, errors are more likely to be encountered. Also, you should ensure that any memory stick you use is formatted to the FAT32 standard rather than NTFS as this will not be recognised by R4i.

Concerning track and artist information (known as ID3 tags), this article from Apple’s website gives useful information, particularly for iTune users. As described we recommend ID3 Tag V1 as the most reliable, for displaying artist and track info on R4i.

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