My R4i will not play CDs

This answer applies to:

  • R4i Mk2

From experience we’ve found that if R4i fails to play all CDs from new and you see a ‘Disk Error’ message on the display, then this is probably due to rough handling during transit, causing the CD mechanism to become misaligned. If you think that this may be the case, please contact us directly so we can offer assistance.

Secondly it is important to ensure that all CDs are clean and free from scratches. If one CD doesn’t play, please try others to see if these are OK. If the unit is older and has previously been playing CDs without problems then playback problems may be due to dust and dirt in the CD mechanism which can occur through normal use depending on environment. Whatsoever, if playback problems persist, then please contact us so we can troubleshoot and help resolve.

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