My R4 Mk3 will not play some music files through the CD or USB

This answer applies to:

  • R4 Mk3

R4 Mk3 Supports the following formats and bitrates.

  • WAV 44.1 KHz, 16-bit stereo (CD only)
  • AAC up to 320 Kbps (CD & USB)
  • MP3 up to 320 Kbps (CD & USB)
  • WMA up to 320 Kbps (CD & USB)

It is important to ensure that only compatible music files are stored on your memory stick or CD-R. Unrecognised files are likely to cause interruptions or cause R4 not to read the downloaded data. Also you should ensure that memory sticks and micro hard-drives are formatted to the FAT32 standard as NTFS is not compatible with R4.

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