My music stops and stutters when playing by Bluetooth?

This answer applies to:

  • R1 Mk4
  • R1S
  • R1 Mk3
  • R2 Mk4
  • R3S
  • R4 Mk3
  • MR1 Mk1
  • MR1 Mk2
  • R410
  • MRx Mk1
  • R5 Mk1
  • R7 Mk3

If this happens firstly ensure that the device you are streaming from is within the recommended wireless range of 5-10m. If the problem persists then this may indicate a temporary system conflict.

To resolve this we recommend that you perform a System/Factory reset on your product and also clear all references to your product on the device that you want to connect. Once this has been done, your device will again need to be freshly paired, but once done you should find that reliable Bluetooth playback is restored.

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