My music files will not play through the USB input

This answer applies to:

  • R3 Mk1
  • R4 Mk3
  • MRx Mk1
  • R5 Mk1
  • R7 Mk3

Firstly check that your USB drive is formatted to FAT32 and that only one or two of the following music format files are included on the USB.

AAC up to 320 Kbps

MP3 up to 320 Kbps

WMA up to 320 Kbps

RealAudio up to 64 Kbps

FLAC 1.5 Mbps

LPCM 1.536 Mbps

Secondly check that your USB drive does not have ‘hidden files’ on it! This is not usually a problem when using a PC to create playlists but MAC computers often create hidden files to help with file indexing and when present they stop direct access to the playable files.

On a Windows PC it is easy to reveal these files by using Windows Explorer to view the files on your USB drive and with the ‘hidden items’ box checked on the ‘View’ tab, this will show hidden files. Once these files are deleted you should find that your music will play without any problem.

On a MAC PC the best way view and delete these files is to use a 3rd party utility and the one that we have found works well is called CleanMyDrive2. With this utility installed you can clear your USB of any hidden files so albums and music tracks will play without interruption.

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