I’ve added a subwoofer to my MR1s. What settings do you recommend?

This answer applies to:

  • MR1 Mk1
  • MR1 Mk2

As a starting point we would recommend setting the crossover/low-pass frequency on your subwoofer to around 80-100Hz. By then playing different types of music you should then adjust the subwoofer volume level so it matches that of your MR1’s. Depending on your room acoustics some experimentation will be required to get the frequency and volume level just right, but when done you should be unaware that your subwoofer is working and it should sound as though all the bass is being produced by the MR1’s. Fine tuning will be down to your own taste and preference, but if you are aware that the subwoofer is working then the frequency is either set too high or else the volume is set too loud.

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