Important information: when using BackPack with R1 Mk3

This answer applies to:

  • R1 Mk3
  • BackPack II

R1 Mk3 has intelligent power management, so when used with our optional battery pack BackPack it is no longer necessary to set the switch on BackPack to the OFF position in order to conserve battery power when it is not connected to mains power. In such circumstance R1 Mk3 detects this and will shut down completely in order to conserve battery life.

To turn R1 Mk3 back on when powered just from BackPack and when not connected to mains power it is important that the power button on top of R1 is held down for around 3-5 seconds until the radio completely comes back to life.

Please also note that the alarm functions of R1 Mk3 will not work when powered solely by BackPack, due to this power saving feature.

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