I want to use MR1 as extension speakers. How do I do this?

This answer applies to:

  • MR1 Mk1
  • MR1 Mk2

MR1’s are ideal as extension speakers to provide sound from a main system in a second room or sound reinforcement in a large room. They are ideally suited to our R2i and R4i models and our latest R4 and R7 Mk3 models, but will work equally well with any system that has a line level audio output. Being an active design, the volume of MR1 and the main system can be independently adjusted, so the ideal sound balance can always be found.

To ensure that both the main system and MR1 play in absolute synchronisation the best option is to run a discrete shielded cable from the audio outputs on the main system to the line input on MR1. Running and hiding a cable may be a slight inconvenience, but it is by far the most reliable solution and will ensure both systems play in absolute sync with optimum sound quality all day and every day.

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