How do I perform a factory reset on R1?

This answer applies to:

  • R1 Mk3

A ‘factory/system reset’ returns your R1 to its default state and all station and user settings are erased.

In general, after the initial set-up, it should not be necessary to perform a reset, but in some circumstances, it can prove useful. For instance, if you move to a new location, then it is likely that some stations may no longer be available. Running a reset will erase these stations so only available stations are shown. Running a reset can also prove useful to resolve system glitches. This is a rare occurrence, but if your R1 starts behaving erratically then running a reset can resolve these issues.

Factory/System Reset is accessed through the MENU button on the RotoDial control. Press this first and then use the volume/control knob to scroll through to ‘System’ and then push the volume/control knob to select. From here you can then cycle through ‘System’ functions until ‘Factory reset?’ is displayed. Pressing the volume/control knob will then give the option ‘No’ or ‘Yes’. Selecting ‘Yes’ will return your product to its factory default state.

The video below walks through how to perform a factory reset on your R1.

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