How do I connect my TV to MR1 Mk1?

This answer applies to:

  • MR1 Mk1

The easiest way to connect most televisions to MR1 Mk1 is via the TVs headphone or phono outputs. Our preference is to use the TVs headphone output and it is simply a case of connecting a suitable length 3.5mm stereo jack lead from this to the 3.5mm jack input on the rear of MR1. With the volume on MR1 set about halfway you should then be able to use your TVs remote to adjust volume etc. Also when your TV is switched off, MR1 will automatically enter sleep/standby mode after a few minutes and will wake when the TV is turned back on.

Some TV’s now have a Bluetooth transmitter built in, so in this instance you could wirelessly stream your TV sound to MR1 once paired. Please consult your TV’s manual on how to do this.

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