How do I clear the Bluetooth pairing list on MR1 Mk1?

This answer applies to:

  • MR1 Mk1

To clear the Bluetooth pairing list, turn on your MR1’s and make sure that they are in Bluetooth mode with the blue LED lit. Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the remote, the blue LED should go out. Keep holding the button until the Bluetooth LED flashes twice. Depending on the volume level of your MR1s you may also hear a tone to indicate that the paring list is cleared. If there is a device paired with the MR1’s at the time that you’re clearing the pairing list you will also hear the disconnect tone while the Bluetooth LED is out, ignore the tone and keep the Bluetooth button held down. If you’re unsuccessful in clearing the pairing list, it’s likely that you released the Bluetooth button too early so try again, holding the button down a little longer.

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