How do I change the ‘friendly’ name of my R7?

This answer applies to:

  • R7 Mk1 / Mk2
  • R7 Mk3

If your R7 is connected to your home network you can change its name so it can easily be identified when you are using DLNA compatible apps and devices. To do this firstly you need to obtain your R7’s IP Address. This can be found by pressing the MENU button on the RotoDial control and then selecting SYSTEM SETTINGS, then NETWORK and finally VIEW SETTINGS. From here you should scroll through the information until you see IP ADDRESS and then make a note of the address, which will be something like 192.168.45.XX.

With this information, you should then open up the browser on your computer and enter these number (with full stops) into the address bar. This will open a dedicated R7 page where you can enter your R7’s new friendly name such as R7 LIVING ROOM etc.

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