Performing a System Reset on R1 Mk2

This answer applies to:

  • R1 Mk2

A ‘System Reset’ will return R1 Mk2 to its ‘factory default’ state and all station and user settings are erased.

In general use it should not be necessary to perform a System Reset, but in some circumstances it can prove useful. For instance, if you move to a new location then it is likely that some stations may no longer be available. Running System Reset will erase these stations and start a fresh DAB scan so only available stations are shown. Running System Reset can also prove useful to resolve system glitches! This is a rare occurrence, but if your radio behaves erratically then running System Reset can often cures these issues.

On R1 Mk2, System Reset is accessed through the INFO/MENU button. Short presses of this button provides various information regarding the broadcast and signal strength etc, but a long press brings up a sub menu for control and configuration settings. Options can be cycled through using the up/down buttons either side of the OK button. Using these buttons cycle through until ‘System’ is displayed and then press OK to open System options. Again using the up/down buttons, cycle through until ‘Factory Reset’ is displayed and then press OK. Here you will see a message asking you to confirm ‘Factory Reset’. Select ‘Yes’ and then press OK to initiate. R1 will then enter standby mode, but when turned back on will perform a fresh DAB scan. Until this process is completed, it is important to ensure that the radio is not touched and that the telescopic aerial is fully extended. To help further, we also have a short tutorial video.

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