How and when should I perform a System Reset on R2i?

This answer applies to:

  • R2i Mk2

A ‘System Reset’ returns R2i to its ‘factory default’ state and all station and user settings are erased.

In general use it should not be necessary to perform a System Reset, but in some circumstances it can prove useful. For instance, if you move to a new location then it is likely that some stations may no longer be available. Running System Reset will erase these stations and start a fresh scan so only available stations are shown. Running System Reset can also prove useful to resolve system glitches! This is a rare occurrence, but if the system ‘freezes’ or your radio behaves erratically then running System Reset can often cure these issues.

To perform a System Reset on R2i long press (press and hold) the INFO button until ‘Manual Tune’ appears and then short press twice (press and release) so ‘System Reset’ is displayed and then press and release the OK button to initiate. Please note that timing is important when accessing and selecting sub functions. Pressing and holding a button too long or pressing too quickly may mean that functions are missed. To help further, we also have a short tutorial video. The video relates to R4i, but all the actions required are the same for R2i.

Please note that once System Reset is initiated, it is important that the radio is not touched until the process has been completed and that the telescopic aerial is upright and fully extended.

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