Can I use Bluetooth headphones with your products?

This answer applies to:

  • R1 Mk4
  • R1S
  • R1 Mk3
  • R1 Mk2
  • R2 Mk4
  • R2 Mk3
  • R2i Mk2
  • R3 Mk1
  • R3S
  • R4 Mk3
  • R4i Mk2
  • MR1 Mk1
  • MR1 Mk2
  • R410
  • MRx Mk1
  • R5 Mk1
  • R7 Mk1 / Mk2
  • R7 Mk3

Like Bluetooth headphones our products are receiving devices intended for music playback from Bluetooth transmitting devices such as a smartphone or computer. Some of our smaller models feature a headphone output for wired headphones, but wireless Bluetooth headphones are not supported.

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