Can I connect additional/extension speakers to your products?

This answer applies to:

  • R2i Mk2
  • R4 Mk3
  • R4i Mk2

Our R2i, R4i and R4 Mk3 models are not directly able to drive additional speakers as they are fully integrated systems, however if you do want to add more speakers, (say for use in another room) this iseasily done by using the phono outputs on the rear to drive a secondary system.

Our MR1s are ideal for this and being an active design, the volume of MR1 and the main system can be independently adjusted, so the ideal sound balance can always be found.

To ensure that your main system and MR1 play in absolute synchronisation the best option is to run a discrete shielded cable from the audio outputs on our systems to the line input on MR1. We appreciate that running and hiding a cable may be a slight inconvenience, but it is by far the most reliable solution and will ensure both systems play in absolute sync with optimum sound quality all day and every day.

If you are wanting to use your Smartphone, tablet or computer as the main source for your music playback with services such as Spotify, then there are now a number of auxiliary
devices available which will allow you to use your Wi-Fi network and stream your music wirelessly and in sync to multiple devices. All these devices are generally easy to set up and use and the fact that they are supplementary devices means that should technology change or improve then you can easily update accordingly.

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