Updating your audio system

  • Navigate to the updates screen

    From the HOME screen, tap the arrow in the lower-right corner.

    Learn more about the home screen

    Add button on the home screen
    Tap the arrow in the lower-right corner
  • Search for updates

    Link will now automatically search for updates for the devices on your network.

    If your device is up-to-date, it will display a green tick and the message ‘No update was found’.

    If an update is available for your device, it will display an amber arrow and the message ‘Recommended update’ followed by the new software version.

    Select desired client units
    Link will automatically search for updates
  • Start the update

    Select UPDATE ALL and follow the instructions on-screen to start all of the available updates.

    Settings button
    Select ‘UPDATE ALL’
  • Wait for the update to complete

    Updates can take up to 5 minutes to complete. You will not be able to use your audio system during this time, and it will disappear from Ruark Link.

    Please do not power off your audio system during the update process.

    You can watch the progress of your update in the app.

    Settings button
    Update in progress
  • Finish the update

    Once the update is complete, your device will display a green tick and the message ‘No update was found’.

    Your audio system will now appear in UNDOK, and you can start using it again.

    Settings button
    Update complete