Setting Up Your Audio System

A video walk-through on setting up the MRx Connected Wireless Speaker can be found here

  • Connect to your audio system

    During SETUP mode, your audio system will create a Wi-Fi network. Navigate to your phone or tablet’s Wi-Fi settings and connect to this network. Its name should appear as Ruark [model] [code], where [code] is the unique MAC address of your audio system.

    Your phone/tablet may notify you that the Wi-Fi network has no internet access. Ignore this notification and make sure that your it stays connected to your audio system.

    Wi-Fi settings
    Navigate to your phone or tablet’s Wi-Fi settings
  • Start the setup wizard

    Navigate to the UNDOK app and select SET UP AUDIO SYSTEM in the lower-left of the screen to launch the setup wizard. Select NEXT in the lower-right corner to start the wizard. The app will then scan for your device, when the NEXT button appears in the lower-right corner, select it to advance.

    Setup wizard
    Setup wizard
  • Name your audio system

    You will now be prompted to name your audio system. You can leave this unchanged, or choose a custom name. Once you have chosen a name, select NEXT in the lower-right corner to advance.

    Name your audio system
    Name your audio system
  • Connect your audio system to the network

    You will now be prompted to connect your audio system to your network. Select your preferred connection method: Wi-Fi, WPS or Ethernet. If you are using an Ethernet cable, please connect it before advancing.

    Follow the instructions to connect your audio system.

    Select network connection
    Select network connection
  • Complete the setup wizard

    Your audio system will now reboot with the settings you have chosen and your phone or tablet will connect to the chosen Wi-Fi network.

    Your phone will then scan the chosen network for your audio system, to verify that it has successfully connected. You can select SKIP CHECKING to skip this step, but may still need to wait a few moments for your audio system to connect to the network before it is present in the app.

    Once setup is complete, select START USING MY AUDIO SYSTEM.

    Congratulations! Your audio system is now set up and ready to use.

    Setup complete
    Setup complete