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Quick Start Guide

  • Set up your audio system

    Some of our products, such as the MRx, require setting up via the UNDOK app. To do so, please refer to your user guide and follow the instructions to enter SETUP mode and follow the steps in the app.

    Set-up guide

  • Select your audio system

    When you first launch the app, you will land on the HOME screen. Select your audio system from the list of systems on the network. It may take a few moments for your system to appear.

    Learn more about the home screen

    Home screen
    UNDOK Home screen
  • Select a source

    Navigate to the SOURCE tab at the top-left of your screen. Here you can select your desired audio source.

    Source tab
    ‘Source’ tab
  • Browse for your music

    Some sources require you to browse for your music. To do so, navigate to the BROWSE tab at the top-right of your screen. Here you can browse a list of available audio tracks and streams.

    Browse tab
    ‘Browse’ tab
  • Start listening!

    Congratulations! You can now enjoy your favourite music using your new Ruark system.

    Navigate to the NOW PLAYING tab to control the current audio source.

    Learn more about the now playing tab

    Now Playing tab
    ‘Now Playing’ tab