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Creating a multi-room group

  • Select the host unit

    From the HOME screen, find the unit you would like as the master of your multi-room group and tap the add button to the right.

    Learn more about the home screen

    Add button on the home screen
    Add button
  • Create your group

    Select your desired client units by tapping the tick-boxes to the left. Incompatible units will display a red exclamation mark .

    To customise the group name, select RENAME in the lower-right corner and type your desired name.

    Once you are happy with the settings, tap the OK button in the lower-right corner to create your group.

    Select desired client units
    Select desired client units
  • Select your multi-room group

    The group will now appear on the home screen as a single system, select this like you would a single unit.

    You can change the group settings at any time by tapping the settings button to the right of the group.

    Settings button
    Settings button