Bluetooth is a device to device wireless connection system. Bluetooth is used more and more in technology today whether it’s for hands-free in your car or in a Bluetooth headset for your phone.

We incorporate Bluetooth into our products as it allows users to connect Bluetooth compatible devices and play their music without the need for connecting any cables. Bluetooth range varies but generally has a range of around 10m – 15m and is a reliable stable way of connecting to a speaker system.

One of the great things about Bluetooth is that it is flexible and allows you to play your music from many different apps and sources. Once your device is connected via Bluetooth whether you use Spotify, iTunes, Deezer or any other music service Bluetooth will allow your music to be played back through your speakers.

Many of our products are fitted with Bluetooth receivers which feature aptX technology. Bluetooth with aptX allows users to stream music via Bluetooth in ‘lossless’ quality or “cd quality” making for much better music playback via Bluetooth when connected with an aptX compatible device.