new R1 Mk3 deluxe tabletop radio

Elegant and beautifully simple, the new R1 is the third generation of our iconic table radio which started the Ruark Audio story. With numerous enhancements and the addition of Bluetooth technology the new R1 is undoubtedly the most desirable and complete tabletop radio available.

R1 deluxe tabletop radio


new R2 Mk3 stereo system

The third generation R2 embodies our principles in a compact music system which looks and sounds sublime. Whilst the new R2 may give the impression of being similar to its forerunners, through painstaking design, it has evolved so virtually everything about it is new.

R2 stereo system

R4i integrated music system

With stunning design and sound, the R4i is our music system for the 21st century. Comprising a multi format CD player, iPod dock, USB playback port, DAB/DAB+/FM tuner and auxiliary inputs allied to a powerful amplifier/speaker system the R4i is the result of our desire to design and build the best small audio products available.


R7 high fidelity radiogram

Inspired by 60’s contemporary design, R7 is our most ambitious product to date and undoubtedly an iconic piece of design. With stunning looks and amazing audio quality, it’s a revolutionary music centre in the true spirit of the classic radiogram.

R7 high fidelity radiogramm

MR1 Bluetooth speaker system

As independent reviews have shown, our award winning MR1 Bluetooth speakers are capable of remarkable sound in multiple applications. As computer speakers they work perfectly, but moreover they are equally suited to dramatically improve the sound of your TV and as extension speakers for our own and many other systems.

R4i integrated music system

Lightning adaptor support

Our custom support integrates with Apple’s Lightning to 30-pin adaptor and the iPod dock on our R2 and R4i models, allowing Apple products with Lightning connector to work seamlessly and function in exactly the same way as original iPod/iPhone models.

Lightning Adaptor Support


R7 AV Mount

Our R7 Audio Visual Mount, transforms R7 from a classic music system into a complete home entertainment solution! Designed exclusively for R7, TVs and associated equipment can be integrated with R7 keeping its beautiful design intact.

R7 AV Mount