R2 Streaming music System

Made for music

R2 embodies our story in a discreet ‘all in one’ music system which looks and sounds sublime. It incorporates Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies which allow you to wirelessly stream your own music and with Spotify Connect built in, with a Spotify account you can explore an almost infinite library of amazing music without interruption.

Featuring DAB, DAB+, FM and Internet tuners, high quality aptX Bluetooth receiver, USB playback/power port, wireless DLNA music streaming and multi-room capabilities R2 Mk3 is a technological tour-de-force, but what makes R2 really special is its sound. With our knowledge of sound and audio we’ve created a modern day music system which will bring fresh enjoyment to your listening experience.

Ruark Audio R2

Spotify Connect Built In

R2 has Spotify the world’s leading music streaming service built in and with a Spotify Premium account you can select R2 as your playback device and you can then control the music using R2’s RotoDial, remote control or via R2’s UNDOK control app. With a vast library of over 20 million tracks, Spotify Premium and R2 will allow you to discover new music and enjoy old favourites with R2’s award winning sound quality.

Ruark Audio R2

World Radio

For local and national radio broadcasts R2’s DAB and FM tuners provide exceptional performance and with DAB+ technology also built in, R2 can be used in countries where this updated format is now being used. DAB+ also ensures that R2 is future-ready for the implementation of this technology in the UK. For international broadcasts, R2’s Internet tuner allows you access to radio stations and podcasts world-wide, so whether you’re into classical, rock or jazz, with R2’s search capability you will quickly find a station to suit your needs.

Vivid Clarity

Programme, time and alarm status are shown with vivid clarity on R2’s Organic LED (OLED) display. The display retains its high contrast at any viewing angle and the display intensity can be adjusted to suit your requirements, when active and also in standby.

High Quality Bluetooth

R2 has high performance aptX® Bluetooth® built in so you can directly stream from compatible devices to R2 with CD quality sound. An increasing number of Smartphone’s and other devices have aptX® technology built in, but with or without, sound quality over Bluetooth with R2 is remarkable.

Great Connectivity

Alongside wireless connectivity, R2 also has great direct connectivity featuring two switchable analogue line inputs, a headphone output and a multi-purpose USB socket so you can conveniently charge your smartphone and also playback music loaded onto a memory stick or portable hard drive in a variety of popular audio codec’s including WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC and MP3.

Bedroom Companion

Any bedroom looks and sounds better with R2 and with comprehensive dual alarms you’ll be roused from your slumbers with beautiful sound exactly when you want from your desired radio station or Spotify playlist source. R2 also features adjustable sleep and snooze timers so you can doze off and snooze in a similar fashion.

Elegant Control Solution

Products covered in buttons look confusing and lack sophistication so our trademark RotoDial controller sited atop R2 provides a refreshingly elegant solution. Also, whichever Ruark model you own you will intuitively know how to work each one due to the similarity of their operation.

Wireless Music Access

R2 allows you to wirelessly access music stored on computers and NAS drives connected to your home network. This makes R2 ideal if you like to download music or record and store your CDs all in one convenient place. It supports a variety of popular audio codec’s including WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC and MP3. Please note that audio streaming over a network requires a DLNA server or PC/Mac running DLNA certified software with sharing enabled.

Select Materials

R2 is carefully crafted from select materials which we know from our experience designing High-Fidelity loudspeakers, provide the best sound quality. The combination of natural and man-made materials also have the added benefit of making our products feel as good to touch as they are to see and hear.

Full Remote Control

Included with R2 is a compact remote, but for ultimate control we have a Smartphone Apple and Android App available called UNDOK. With R2 connected to your network and UNDOK you will have complete control of R2’s settings and will also be able to see details on what’s playing on the screen of your smart device all from the comfort of your chair or bed

Music Everywhere

Alone R2 is a superb music system, but with two or more you can join together and play music in-sync all over your home. Unlike other multi-room systems, grouping can be performed directly on R2 with the display providing clear feedback or alternatively you can set-up and control with the UNDOK app.


R2 in Rich Walnut Veneer finish

Rich Walnut Veneer

R2 in Soft White Lacquer finish

Soft White Lacquer

R2 in Soft Black Lacquer finish

Soft Black Lacquer


  • Sound
    • Class leading sound quality
    • Twin reflex tuned and damped enclosures
    • Ruark Audio 75mm high-fidelity drive units
    • Linear Class A-B Amplifier, 20 watts nominal output
    • Audio grade components throughout
    • Loudness function provides enhanced sound at low volume levels
  • Tuner
    • DAB, DAB+ and FM tuner with RDS for local and national reception
    • Internet receiver for world-wide radio reception
    • 30 station pre-sets (10 DAB, 10 FM, 10 Internet)
  • Display
    • High contrast OLED display with large format clock
    • Adjustable brightness to suit requirements
  • Wireless
    • Wi-Fi internet radio receiver provides access to over 16,000 stations world-wide
    • Wireless DLNA audio streaming from networked storage devices and PCs
    • Multi-room capability allows two or more R2s to be linked together for synchronised sound around your home
  • Bluetooth
    • Built in aptX enabled Bluetooth audio receiver provides CD quality sound with compatible devices
  • Spotify
    • Spotify Connect provides seamless integration with Spotify App and access to 20+ million tracks
  • Ports
    • Two switchable line inputs to connect other audio devices
    • Combined USB playback and charge port for charging smartphones etc. Codec’s supported include WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC and MP3
    • Front mounted stereo headphone output
  • Alarm
    • Easy-to-use programable dual alarm with once, daily, weekday and weekend settings
    • Adjustable alarm volume
    • Adjustable snooze and sleep timers
  • Controls
    • Intuitive ‘click to select’ RotoDial control system
  • Remote control
    • Compact remote control included
  • Standard finishes
    • Rich Walnut veneer
    • Soft White lacquer
    • Soft Black lacquer
  • Dimensions
    • H120 × W360 × D185mm
  • Weight
    • 3.6kg
  • Price
    • £419.99 (SRP UK)

Reviews for R2

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The Ruark Audio R2 Mk3 is an incredibly versatile all-in-one music system that sounds as good as it looks.

Trusted Reviews

All in one audio box with divine dynamics and a raft of streaming features, this third-gen device delivers design to make the furniture jealous and quality to have the Hi-Fi quivering.

Stuff Magazine

Sound quality is top notch too and equally balanced for almost all genres of music.

The Gadget Show

Very smartly built and well thought-out, the true glory here is sound that needs no special pleading on grounds of convenience – full bodied, neutral and detailed.

Hi-Fi Choice Magazine
Best Buy

The R2 MK3 is one of the most gorgeous all in one systems we’ve come across. It’s a system that will fit into any home and that lush punchy sound is just so much fun to listen to. We want one.

What Hi-Fi Magazine

The sheer amount of options is staggering, you’d be hard pushed to find a more versatile tabletop speaker.

I Create Magazine

Ruark Audio makes some of the best-sounding, best-looking tabletop stereos around. This is the improved version of the splendid R2, with great tone and rich deep sound.

Time Out Magazine
Best Buy

The Ruark Audio R2 is simply a great streaming speaker. It has a rich and engaging sound, and controlling it is a snap.

Tech Radar

Whether playing a solo instrumental recording or orchestral pieces, the R2 Mk3 never lost its ability to surprise and entertain. This really is quite a magical little system.

Gramophone Magazine

Ruark Audio has built quite a reputation for fine sounding, refined looking machines in a relatively short space of time. The latest R2 is no exception.

Classic FM Magazine
Best Buy

With a cabinet handcrafted from compressed wood fibre (therefore possessing excellent acoustic properties), the R2 is blessed with twin high-fidelity drive units, class-leading electronics, 3D sound processing and variable EQ, all working to deliver truly stunning sound.

Smart Life Magazine

It’s a very smart product, but to believe it you really need to hear it.

The Independent

It does DAB, FM, Bluetooth and Spotify, and you control it with a reassuringly old-school tuner. Is this the only radio you’ll ever need?

Mail on Sunday

Customer testimonials for R2

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Fabulous system. Really easy to setup and use. Looks great. Most important though is the sound. The clarity and detail is second to none. Amazing for the size of the unit. It’s loud enough to fill an average sized living room.

John Lewis Customer

Bought this to replace a tired Bose. Walnut finish, well made with ‘retro’ looks. Sound quality for speech and music great, thanks to fully adjustable treble and bass options. 

John Lewis Customer

Easy to set up. Great sound. Very happy with my choice.

Bernard Sanger

Wonderful product: easy to set up; couldn’t be better!

Caroline Loup

Great looks and sound, everything you could ask for is included.

Amazon Customer

Exceptional styling, unique design, simple and elegant just perfect for today’s interior design.

Lesley Perry

I am extremely happy about my purchase, the sound and build quality are excellent.

Dermot Kearney

Fantastic build quality, awesome sound, lots of functions, a really great device, well worth the money, you won’t be disappointed.

Amazon Customer

A truly excellent product - worth the investment.

Amazon Customer

A tremendous product in every respect - should have bought one long before now.

John Lewis Customer

Excellent in all respects, beautifully made, aurally and aesthetically pleasing.

John Lewis Customer

Cracking bit of kit. What HiFi award winner. Really easy to set up, up and running in minutes. Looks great. Sound is rich and warm, easily fills a small room.

Amazon Customer

This was a present from my daughter. The best gift I’ve ever had.

Edwina Paul

Ruark products are distinctive and beautifully designed with fantastic sound quality.

Zoe Batesmith

I expected an excellent product from the reviews I have read and from the short time I have used it the R2 Mk3 is even better than I anticipated.

Robert Jones

Really pleased with this. Oozes quality. Great sound and looks the part. iOS app works well and internet radio and Spotify work flawlessly.

John Lewis Customer

The product has met all my expectations and more.

Michael Hann

Absolutely delighted, so far, excellent quality product, easy to set up and use.

Paul Bugden

I was very impressed with the spacious, clear stereo sound that came out of such a small box. I listened to the R2 Mk3 in the listening room at Superfi, Birmingham before purchasing and was left in no doubt that I could end my search; this was the best tabletop I had heard.

Peter Male

At the age of sixty-four, I am flabbergasted, annoyingly easy to set up, the sound is simply beautiful. Bob Dylan live at the Royal Albert Hall has never sounded better. Just so good, annoyingly!

John Lewis Customer