On its own R2 makes a superb music system but with our new software update, with two or more R2 Mk3s you can synchronise and spread music all over your home, so you can enjoy 'beautiful music everywhere'.

Unlike many other multi-room systems, set-up and control can be performed directly on each R2 with the OLED display providing clear feedback about system status as well as artist, track and album information during playback. Also with our RotoDial controller sited atop R2, volume can be quickly adjusted and tracks skipped or repeated so you can control your music from each R2 as you like it.

If desired this latest software release also unlocks R2s ability to be controlled by an application called UNDOK. This App by Frontier Silicon is currently free to download from the Apple and Android app stores and allows R2 functions and multi-room settings to be remotely controlled.

Great sound all around your home – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…


To enable R2 multiroom, firstly you need to check that you have the latest software installed. To do this ensure that each R2 is connected to your network and then press the MENU button on the RotoDial control. From here use R2’s control knob to scroll and select ‘System’ (fig. i) and then ‘Software update’ and finally ‘Check now’ (fig. ii). This procedure will check for any updates and allow you to install if required.


Choose which R2 unit you would initially like to be your ‘Server/Master’ unit. Press the MENU button and then use the control knob to select ‘System’ and then ‘Multi-room’ (fig. iii). Under the Multi-room menu you will see an option to create a ‘Group Name’ (fig. iv). For ease we suggest that you keep your group name simple. From the sample screen shot we’ve called ours ‘mygroup’ (fig. v) but even a simple ‘0’ will suffice.


Finally press the MENU button and again use the control knob to select ‘System’ and then ‘Multi-room’. This time select the ‘Add to group’ and here you will see a list of any other R2 units on your network (fig. vi). Whether you have one other or more, selecting and clicking on each will add these units to your group and your music will simultaneously play from these devices.

As we said, it’s easy as 1,2,3.

Tip: To make R2 easy to identify on your network you can give each a friendly name (up to 16 characters), so you could have ‘R2 Living room’ and ‘R2 Kitchen’ etc. How to do this is explained in our R2 questions & answers section.