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  • What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision Awards 2013, Best Desktop Speaker
  • What Hi-Fi Awards 2014, Best Desktop Speaker
  • Mac Format Choice, five stars
  • Hi-Fi Choice, Editor’s Choice
  • Home Cinema Choice, Recommended
  • Macworld, Editor’s Choice
  • BBC Music Choice, 5 stars

As independent reviews have shown, our award winning MR1 Bluetooth speakers are capable of remarkable sound in multiple applications. As computer speakers they work perfectly, but moreover they are equally suited to dramatically improve the sound of flat panel TVs and as extension speakers for our own and many other systems.

Even alone, they can be the foundation of a complete music system. Add a turntable and you can be part of the vinyl revival and with a high quality aptX Bluetooth reciever built-in, you can also stream and play your music wirelessly to MR1 from many compatible devices with CD quality sound.

The MR1s complement our R-Series and are immediately recognisable as a Ruark Audio design. Highly tactile and with luxurious finishes, their style and proportions will comfortably fit in all applications and locations.

Concerning sound quality, we’ve used the skills from our loudspeaker past, to squeeze the last drop of performance from the MR1s compact design. You can find out more about the techniques we use in our features section, but the end result is a speaker system with lifelike dynamics and a wide natural frequency response.

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MR1 is available to purchase directly and also through our select dealer network, who we are confident will offer you the very best service and advice. These include John Lewis, Selfridges and a range of quality audio and design stores across the UK

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at a glance

  • Class-leading sound quality
  • Hand-crafted wood enclosures
  • Wireless audio streaming from Bluetooth devices
  • aptX technology for CD-quality wireless audio
  • Compact remote control
  • Custom-designed drive units
  • Subwoofer output
  • Power-saving auto-standby function
  • Multi-coloured status LED

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MR1 + BackPack

MR1 with BackPack rechargeable battery pack

The MR1s are true hi-fi speakers developed to fit your life and home.

With the addition of our rechargeable battery pack ‘BackPack II’, they can even be enjoyed outside on a fine day or wherever mains power is not directly available. BackPack II is also compatible with our R1 tabletop radio.

MR1 usage scenarios