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Where Design Meets Sound, At Six

At Six

If there are two things that pair well together, it’s great design and quality sound. Furthermore, couple those things with a Negroni and some grilled veal and you’ve got the makings of a great night. Ruark recently partnered with At Six in Sweden. A design focused hotel which gives us all kinds of feels. With its striking interiors crafted by Universal Design Studio, art curated by Sune Nordgren and rooms big enough to host even the most debaucherous parties in, It’s the kind of ambient space that whips the cultured, musical and fashionable types into a frenzy.

More so, what makes this hotel unique is its emphasis on sound, which can be experienced in its highlight, the listening lounge. A social living room, that focuses on sound and music quality rather than volume. Throughout its development, the design team kept the end goal front of mind. This was to gather together world-class collectors and international DJs to collaborate and produce experiences like no other. With the listening lounge offering the perfect environment for everything linked to sound, whether that be music lectures, record releases, live podcasts, album sessions or inspirational talks.

As a music centric company, Ruark were delighted to be invited to be involved with At Six recently, by supplying 463 R2 sound systems for each of the hotel’s bedrooms. As we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and in their build and sound power, we hope that those guests visiting At Six truly enjoy the sound of a radio built by a family of music loving crafters.

Ruark’s R2

The R2 itself is our 3rd generation model embodying our core principles, in a timeless and compact manner. While the latest R2 remains true to its roots, it has completely transformed, so virtually everything about it is new. The R2 now incorporates streaming technology, and support for Spotify Connect.

If you’re interested in the R2 and how you could integrate it into your lifestyle, check it out: Ruark R2 Music Streaming System.

But just don’t take our word on how good the R2 is, check out Trusted Reviews for the full independent review.

If you are a hotelier and would like more information about Ruark sound systems please contact us at

Smith Awards 2015

Mr and Mrs Smith Hotels

We have worked closely with Mr and Mrs Smith Hotels for a number of years now. The relationship was initiated when we first started supplying a number of the hotels listed in their exclusive collection, hotels such as Chewtonglen, The George in Rye and The Soho.

Mr & Mrs Smith’s website is the place to go for the most luxurious, unique and exclusive hotels in the world. If relaxing in a beautiful Italian Villa overlooking the hills of Florence is your thing or even a wilderness break in the outback of Australia, camped out in a luxurious tent with a view of the famous Ayer’s Rock, then Mr and Mrs Smith Online is the place to visit.

Annual Smith Awards

The annual Mr and Mrs Smith Hotel awards took place on the 5th November this year. This glamorous evening was attended by the who’s who of the Boutique Hotel Industry. This year Ruark Audio sponsored the “Best budget boutique hotel” category. The hotels short listed for this category are every bit as inviting as other Smith Hotels but at prices which don’t break the bank! The Ruark team attended the bash and were welcomed with some tasty cocktails courtesy of Chase Distillery, a fellow sponsor. If coffee cocktails are your thing then the team from Lavazza were on hand serving up some mouth-watering coffee treats. For the competitive amongst us there was even the chance to battle it out on a ping pong table.

It wasn’t all drinks and partying all evening, there was also the serious business of the awards ceremony. Awards were separated into 12 categories each showcasing some of the finest Boutique hotels in the world. Truth be told whether a winner or not, we would happily stay at any of these gorgeous hotels. The winner of our sponsored category was the fabulous Masseria Cervarolo located in Puglia, Italy. This tranquil 16th century farmhouse offers lucky guests a relaxing stay in gorgeous surroundings all from an amazing £80 a night! The Pig on the Beach in Dorset picked up the coveted “Best Smith Hotel 2015” award. Set on an idyllic cliff-side in Dorset, this beautiful manor house is the perfect weekend getaway destination with rooms to suit everyone from families to couples.

We are delighted to be able to work so closely with Mr and Mrs Smith and are flattered that many of those hotels listed on their website have chosen Ruark Audio products for their rooms. So, thanks to James, Tamara and the rest of the Smith team for a fantastic evening …same time next year?

Mr and Mrs Smith Hotel Awards 2015

Happy Christmas from Ruark Audio

At Ruark Audio we put care and thought into everything we do, even our Christmas card! Here we are having a great time in the making and showing our inner elves.

Richard & Alan’s Far East Venture

Visiting Ruark Distributors & Suppliers

It’s been a few months since we last posted anything on our blog (something we intend to improve upon in the future) but we thought that you might like to see a little travelogue video of our Alan O’Rourke and Richard McKinney on their October tour of the Far East to see Ruark Audio distributors and suppliers. Countries visited include South Korea, Taiwan, Mainland China and Hong Kong. See if you can guess which clips relate to each country…

The Power of Music

Here at Ruark we support the charity Nordoff Robbins. Nordoff Robbins help to transform the lives vulnerable and isolated children and adults through music therapy. We’ve supported Nordoff Robbins for a number of years now and are constantly amazed by how they use music to help people living with challenges such as autism, dementia, mental health problems, stroke, brain injury, depression and life-threatening or terminal illnesses.

So we have seen the benefits that music can bring to people’s lives.

Now research from Oxford University suggests that classical music can help to reduce blood pressure. Research presented to the British Cardiovascular Society (BCS) conference in Manchester found that listening to music with a repeated 10-second rhythm coincided with a fall in blood pressure, reducing the heart rate. Lots of research was done into different genres of music and it was discovered that classical music had the most effect on the human body.

Read the full article on The Telegraph website.

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