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Happy Christmas from Ruark Audio

At Ruark Audio we put care and thought into everything we do, even our Christmas card! Here we are having a great time in the making and showing our inner elves.

Richard & Alan’s Far East Venture

Visiting Ruark Distributors & Suppliers

It’s been a few months since we last posted anything on our blog (something we intend to improve upon in the future) but we thought that you might like to see a little travelogue video of our Alan O’Rourke and Richard McKinney on their October tour of the Far East to see Ruark Audio distributors and suppliers. Countries visited include South Korea, Taiwan, Mainland China and Hong Kong. See if you can guess which clips relate to each country…

The Power of Music

Here at Ruark we support the charity Nordoff Robbins. Nordoff Robbins help to transform the lives vulnerable and isolated children and adults through music therapy. We’ve supported Nordoff Robbins for a number of years now and are constantly amazed by how they use music to help people living with challenges such as autism, dementia, mental health problems, stroke, brain injury, depression and life-threatening or terminal illnesses.

So we have seen the benefits that music can bring to people’s lives.

Now research from Oxford University suggests that classical music can help to reduce blood pressure. Research presented to the British Cardiovascular Society (BCS) conference in Manchester found that listening to music with a repeated 10-second rhythm coincided with a fall in blood pressure, reducing the heart rate. Lots of research was done into different genres of music and it was discovered that classical music had the most effect on the human body.

Read the full article on The Telegraph website.

What Do Tree Rings Sound Like?

Below you will see one of our previous blog entries about a turntable which was beautifully crafted from the wood of a tree. This is indeed a fantastic design and looks great but surely this goes one better?


This fantastic piece of kit is not a turntable made of a tree but a turntable which can actually play the rings of a tree. Bartholomäus Traubeck has created equipment that translates tree rings into music by playing them on a turntable. It works not with a needle like a traditional turntable but with sensors which gather information about the wood’s colour and texture. Then using a complex algorithm the equipment translates the variations into piano notes. The variation between one tree and another results in an individualised tune. Bartholomäus has released an album, titled “Years,” which features spruce, ash, oak, maple, alder, walnut, and beech trees.

This is an impressive idea and we would definitely love to hear this running through one of our award winning systems!

Orphe Smart Shoes

Here at Ruark we love all things design and tech. We are always on the lookout for innovative ideas in the world of both technology and design. Which is why we’re shining the light on Orphe’s latest design.

Orphe Smart Shoe

I think you will agree that this latest concept the Orphe Smart Shoe is indeed an intriguing one. Built in to the sole of the shoe are advanced motion sensors, over 100 full-colour, serially-controlled LEDs, and a wireless module. This technology allows users to intuitively express themselves in new and interesting ways by enabling them to freely map interactions between their movements and light and sound.

You’ll see from the video below that this makes for a beautiful visual spectacle and we can really see this idea being used in the world of dance and performing arts.

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