Beautifully simple, the latest R1 is the third generation of our iconic table radio which started the Ruark Audio story and marked our transition from manufacturing Hi-Fidelity loudspeakers, to quality compact audio systems.

At first glance, the latest R1 appears remarkably similar to its predecessors, but look closely and you will see that everything about it has been refined. Our updated ‘RotoDial’ control system looks and feels slicker and combined with the latest Organic LED display, provides a control interface which is clear and intuitive to use. The enclosure retains the same attractive dimensions, but with the new soft lacquer finishes and crisp detailing of the front and rear panels, the craftsmanship and desirability of R1 Mk3 has been elevated to an even greater level.

Bluetooth streaming with text data

Bluetooth streaming with Artist and Track data

3 generations of R1

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With its refreshed look, honed performance and addition of a high quality Bluetooth audio receiver, R1 Mk3 has been painstakingly evolved, making it we believe, the best and most complete tabletop radio available.

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at a glance

  • DAB, DAB+ & FM Tuner with RDS
  • High contrast OLED display
  • Built in A2DP Bluetooth audio receiver
  • USB charge port
  • Class leading sound quality
  • Switchable line input
  • Easy to use dual alarm system
  • Adjustable alarm volume
  • Three attractive finishes
  • Optional carry-case & battery-pack

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R1 with CarryPack II

Adding further to R1’s appeal, we have two high quality accessories available called BackPack II and CarryPack. These allow R1 to be made completely portable, so its rich sound can be enjoyed in the garden or wherever mains power is not available.

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